Our web page has been updated with the speakers visiting through August.

Dates for your diary can be found on the ‘Speakers’ page at:



Now you can plan your visits right up to the summer holidays!

Visit our web site to see when your favourite speaker will be at Havant Spiritualist Church. We have plenty of Alternative evenings – these are the time when you get to ask questions of the speaker, to get the answers that you are seeking, evenings of discussion and learning – and on 1 June we have an OPEN DAY when we invite everyone to come in and find out about who we are, and what we do, and have a cuppa and a chat in an informal atmosphere.

Visit havantspiritualistchurch.com for lots more info

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Now’s the chance to get your diaries up to date! Our web site has speakers listed to the end of April.

Get on over to Havant Spiritualist Church site and see when your favourite medium is there!

Check out the dates for Alternative Evenings, too!

clip_image002It’s a been a while since the last post … how’s that for a pun.

It was only yesterday that buglers sounded The Last Post in ceremonies of remembrance across the United Kingdom. But the last post on this web site was in September.


Minister Bruton at Havant with our own Minister, Alan Baker

Yesterday, Spiritualism was represented at the Cenotaph for the first time. Minister David Bruton, President of the SNU, attended and joined with members of 15 other religions. Read the report here.

For my thoughts on our annual ceremonies, please visit our ‘Thought for the Week’ page. No response is required or expected, just some inner contemplation.

clip_image002As Shakespeare said, ‘All that glisters is not gold’. Just because it is shiny and sparkles doesn’t mean it is good, or worth having.

Read our Thought for the Week page to continue the story.

Makes you think, don’t it.

clip_image002OK folks! All the speakers for September have been added to the web site – havantspiritualistchurch.com . Alternative evenings are 22 August, 5 and 19 September.

Our OPEN DAY is on Saturday 15 September when everybody is invited to drop in to see what we get up to, ask questions, and meet some of the team. There will be private readings, talks on Spiritualism, demonstrations of mediumship, and much more.

Come on in! We’d love to meet you!

clip_image002The speakers for August have been add to the web site. While I was there I added a ‘Thought for the Week’ for your perusal and consideration, too.

You’ll find all you need at: havantspiritualistchurch.com 

clip_image002Phew! June is really ‘flaming’. With daytime temperatures around 30C (86F) we in UK are enjoying a long heat-wave. The hot weather looks set to lead us in to July – so if you need a cool place to be, visit us!

Our web site has all the speakers for July, so drop in and see your favourite. For all the information about what’s happening at Havant SC, go to havantspiritualistchurch.com

Alternative Wednesday evenings – when you get to ask questions and get involved – will be 11 and 25 July.

We are holding an open day on 2 June 2018. Doors open at 10am, and for £1 entry, you get tea/coffee, healing, and all the info you can handle.

There will be mediums to give you a reading (£5), books and jewellery for sale, a tombola, and raffle, and more.

Drop in and see us – everyone is welcome.

Religious or spiritual? Are they they same? Can you be one without the other?

Go to our web page to have your thoughts stimulated.

There is also the updated speakers list and date for a psychic supper. What are you waiting for? Get over there!