Only a few days to go before the 2011 UK Census – Sunday March 27, 2011.  Question 20 for each individual is ‘What is your religion?’ It is a voluntary question so you don’t have to answer it, but for those of us who follow a less trodden path it is important to stand up and be counted.

At the bottom of the list is a tick box for ‘Any other religion …’ where we can enter ‘Spiritualist’, or whatever religion you follow that is not of the big six. Remember Spiritualism is not a sub-sect of the Christian church, we stand alone as a religion, recognised in our own right. Spiritualists National Union

There will be many Pagans and Jedii declaring their faith, let’s make sure we show our support of the Spiritualist movement, and get counted.

… and it’s only four days before Hydesville Day!