On Saturday 17 December we held our second annual Festival of Light at Havant, a non-denominational event open to all. And a resounding success it was, too.

We started with an introduction about the way different religions and traditions have, for thousands of years, celebrated Mid-Winter, when the Sun triumphs over darkness. The rest of the evening consisted of poetry, singing, and inspirational and informative readings. Mid-way through we slowed the pace and enjoyed a time of quiet reflection, when, in our own way, we considered the events of the year just passed, and our hopes for the new one, soon to begin. During this time we lit candles to give power to our thoughts and banish the gloom.


Banishing the darkness

It was a pity we were in competition with the Strictly Come Dancing final; the choice was me or Brucie – no contest.

The church will be closed from 22 December through to Wednesday 28 December, when there will be the usual Wednesday service. The speaker will be Anne Wright.

What ever your tradition, we wish you health and happiness over the Winter break, happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, Jolly Yule, Super Solstice, Joyous Diwali, Merry Christmas – and a happy new year.