Thank you to all those who braved the cold to visit our church last night. Our guest speaker was Ron Lindsley, from Southampton, whose philosophy and mediumship were as good as ever.

What was less certain was the person chairing the service, me! Talk about thrown in the deep end! The night before we had a late evening phone call to say the person who was chairing was in hospital having an operation on her badly smashed shoulder, having fallen during the day.

‘Could I get there in time to take over the duty?’, the president asked. Well, as last reserve I didn’t have an option.

After a short faff with the hearing aid loop, we got things under way. The evening went well and I survived to chair another day. But for those who came, thank you for your patience, and your good humour which ensured the evening went well. Thanks also to Ron, for making the job easy.

The only thing I did forget, was to mention the skittles night we are holding on Friday 24 February. It will be the usual evening of fun and frivolity, and includes a basket meal.

It is a chance for the ‘boys’ to even the score after a rather dubious victory by the ‘girls’, at the last match. Tickets are £10 each from the church, you need to choose your meal at the same time. See you there!