Alternative Wednesday #1 was a great success, thanks to all those who came along.

The planned medium was unable to make the trip from Bristol because she was unwell, but the evening was shared by Alan Baker and Tracey Craig who stepped in at short notice.

The first part of the evening, the philosophy, was led by Alan Baker. The packed house joined in with questions and opinion, which drove the discussion forward leaving all of us thinking about the subject, how it affects us and, how we in turn can affect the lives of others. The audience was buzzing with conversation as we took a break for a cuppa and one of Tracey’s super home-made cup cakes – all included in the entrance fee.

After the break Tracey gave a demonstration of mediumship. From the expression on the recipients’ faces you could tell that her evidence was ‘spot on’. One particular member of the audience was quite overcome by the accuracy and content of his message. All good evidence for the continuing existence of the human soul.

The whole evening was filled with light, love and laughter, but all too soon we ran out of time and proceedings were wound up. The audience chatted enthusiastically among themselves as they headed homeward.

I spoke to as many as I could before they left, to try to gauge their response to the new event. All were positive and were looking forward to the next Alternative Wednesday. One new face said that he thought the Sunday service should be replaced with a similar event.

If anyone who attended the evening is reading this, we would welcome your comments and suggestions – so feel free to comment below.

The next Alternative Wednesday is planned for October 30 – same time, same place. We would be pleased to see you. Bring a friend and an open mind. (and £2 to get in.) Follow our blog for more information and news.