Well, that was an interesting day!

Today was the Sunday morning service, being the first Sunday of the month, but things didn’t go according to plan. Not our plan, anyway!

First, the person who was due to chair the meeting was unwell and couldn’t get to church. We thought the wrong speaker had turned up (although this wasn’t so – thank you, Gemma Oliver!), the iPod with the music had lost all the tunes, and in general chaos was taking over the reins … But we  did, as the saying goes, ‘Keep calm, and carry on!’ We used the facilities we had, and the service turned out fine, although not quite what we were expecting.

It was a learning day. We can ad lib, and it does work. Laughter is good medicine, and does raise people’s spirits, openness and honestly will bring you closer to others. Patience is a virtue. Trust.

Thank you to all those who attended our service this morning, and for bearing with us while we got things going.