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clip_image002The latest speakers have been posted on our web site, nip on over and have a peek at what’s in store for August and September.

There are four Alternative Evenings and a couple of Coffee Mornings as well as all the usual services, healing, and beginners circle. Come and visit – we’d love to meet you!


One month gone, and into the Chinese New Year, too!

February’s speakers are on the website, ready for your perusal. The next Alternative Evening is Wednesday 15 February – an evening you won’t want to miss.

Healing is available on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evening. Beginners Circle is Thursday evening after healing.

Our Saturday coffee morning is on 25th from 10am-12noon.

A special evening service to showcase our fledgling speakers is on Wednesday 22nd.

Don’t just sit there! Get up and give us a visit! Full details on our web site.

Better late then never! How was 2016 for you? clip_image002

As usual it brought some changes for the church, some good, some otherwise. But 2016 is in the past, let it go. Let’s look forward to 2017 and all the possibilities of a new year. It is, after all, what you make it. I say it will be a good year – but that is because I want it to be. What about you? What are you going to do to make it good?

I’ve started by putting the speakers for January on our website – – go check out the details!

(Alternative Wednesday is 18th January)

… and have a good one!

Speakers list for December has been updated – get to the web site to get full details.

Everyone is invited to our Festival of Light on 18th – read all about it … on the website.

In fact you might as well go to the web site for everything! 🙂

Yep, summer is over, winter is a’comin’, and the speakers for October are on the web site.

The Alternative evenings, for those who live life on the edge, are Wednesday 5th and Wednesday 19th. You’ll need to bring a friend, an open mind, and £3 to get in.

For the edgiest among you, there is Coffee Morning on Saturday 29th.

Oh! Quiz Night – 17th – tickets from the church. Visit the web site for full details.

Everyone is welcome – we’d love to see you.

It’s nearly September, the summer comes and goes, and the new speakers list is on the web site.

An interesting month for our visitors:

Alternative evenings on 7th and 21st – as usual, bring your questions, a friend, an open mind, and £3 to get in.

Fledglings go for it on 14th – come and support those early on their pathway

Our Open Day on Saturday 17th – our doors are open all day, and we welcome everyone. Come and talk to us and find out more about Spiritualism – lots of things to see and do – and there’s tea and biscuits, too!

Saturday 24th is Coffee Morning – tea, coffee, biscuits (cake if you are lucky), and a chat – also mini readings with Minister Alan Baker.

We look forward to meeting you (and, of course, greeting old friends)

Our web site is now up to date with speakers for June. Skip on over to have a read.

Tonight our speaker is Terry Tregear, and on Wednesday,our Alternative evening, we will have, for the first time at Havant, Jay Love, from the Isle of Wight. Make sure you get there early to get a seat – bring a friend, and an open mind. This is when your questions can be answered. Entry is £3 on the door.

Another evening to look forward to is 11 June 2016, when we will be holding a Beetle Drive and Supper evening. More details to follow.

Our monthly Healing for the World meditation evening has been cancelled.


Full of Christmas pudding, turkey, and stuffing? You need to have an ALTERNATIVE diet – just for one night.

Wednesday 30 December is our last Alternative evening of the year. We’ll be at the church from 7pm ready for a 7.15pm start. Bring a friend, and bring an open mind, everyone is welcome.

Entry, on the door, is £3 – worth every penny!

Membership renewals are due before the end of January 2016. Remember, in order to vote at the Annual General Meeting in April you will need to be a ‘paid-up’ member.

The annual membership fee is £8 (£7.50 concessions)

We welcome new applications, too. Membership is open to everyone.

Our Invitation …

It is the members who keep the church going. Without members the church would cease to exist. But what does ‘being a member’ mean?

Being a member of Havant Spiritualist Church means that you are a Spiritualist. You follow the Seven Principles, and when people ask, and you fill in official forms, your religion is Spiritualist. Not Christian. Not Islam. Not Mormon. Not Buddhist. Not Jedi. Not Other.

There is no strict dogma to follow, no special ceremonies to perform. We believe in God, but that may not be the traditional god of other religions. How I see my god may be different to the vision you have. Some see their god as a bearded man looking down from the sky, others as The Great Spirit that pervades all things, may be as Mother Nature. We don’t dictate how you see Her – or Him – or It. Very little is expected of you, except to live within the guidance of our Seven Principles and to be the best person that you can be. You know what is right, and wrong.

You get a membership card. But this card is not a free pass to Heaven, nor is it a ‘Get out of jail free’ card, nor is it a loyalty card for you to accumulate bonus points. It’s just one of those funny conventions that organisations have; to say you belong. You are one of us.

Membership means you get to have a say; to come to the AGM (Annual General Meeting), and cast your vote on matters that concern the running of the church. It means you can join the committee and really get involved in making the church a good place to be, a good organisation to be a part of, and a sanctuary or refuge, welcoming to others.

It means that you care. Care about the church, care about people around you, care about Spiritualism, care about the world, and everything in it.

If you want to support this church, and feel you can make that commitment, then be a member. We will welcome you. It doesn’t cost much. It is not an exclusive club; everyone is welcome.

If you have any questions, please ask any committee member. If we can’t answer straight away, we will find an answer for you.

The most valuable thing you can give is You.