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A reminder that this Wednesday (24/2/2016) is an Alternative evening. These are the evenings where audience participation is part of the proceedings.

It is an evening where you can bring your questions, debate with the speaker, and hopefully learn more about Spiritualism, and yourself. Our speaker for the evening is Bill Roberts.

Bring a friend, and an open mind – and we look forward to seeing you.

(£3 on the door – and that includes a cuppa at half time)


Last night we were short of a speaker, so we thought it would be an ideal time to try out one of the SNU’s new-style services. (see for full details)

For sometime there has been great debate about falling numbers attending the services. The conclusion is that the traditional service is outdated and unpopular with younger people. The SNU have designed some templates for bringing new ideas to church.

Last night we used the theme of Evolution. Not the evolution of Man or other species, but the evolution of the soul, and the thoughts that drive us. I won’t go on about how the service went, except to say that it was a lighter, more spiritual evening. There was less of the old style religiousness, and more focus on our own spirituality.

We will be having more services in this vein. As a short notice experiment – a success. Thanks to Minister Alan Baker for jumping in the deep end and running with the idea.

Dates for October are on our website. But before that we have our Open Day on Saturday 26 September, starting at 10am. Everyone is welcome, there will be talks and discussions, readings, healing and, most important, tea and coffee. Pop along for a chat, we will be pleased to see you.

In October we have two more Wednesday Alternative Evenings, on 14 and 28, and we will be trying something different on Sunday 18 for our evening service, too.

Our web site is here at Havant Spiritualist Church. Click on over to read more about us.

alicia-2013We want you! (Well, your money actually – for a good cause)

On Saturday 5 September at 7pm – at Havant Spiritualist church, of course – we are hosting a special charity event to raise cash for a special little Gosport girl who  endures more problems in a day than the rest of us can imagine.

Read about Alicia Pannell here.

We have a Quartet of Mediums, the south coast’s favourites, who will spend the evening working for you – working for Alicia.

The evening is £7 per head, be there for the 7pm start. If you can’t make it, why not make a donation? We will gladly take your money, this time for a very good cause.


Just a note to let you know that tomorrow is Alternative Evening at Havant Spiritualist Church, and unless anything changes at short notice, our speaker is Gemma Oliver.

We start at 7:15pm on Alternative Evenings, because there is so much to cram in. Remember, it’s your evening so come prepared to join in and ask questions.

£2 on the door, includes tea/coffee during the interval.


I’ve added the list of speakers for August, so nip on over and have a look at what we are doing.clip_image002

Important events are; Alternative Evenings on 5th and 19th, and Quiz Night on 15th, and Coffee Morning on 29th.

Our Alternative Evenings are something a bit different. They are your chance to ‘ask the speaker’; to have your questions answered; to be part of what’s going on. There is a charge, but you do get your half-time cuppa included.

Contact the church for more information.

Well, that was an interesting day!

Today was the Sunday morning service, being the first Sunday of the month, but things didn’t go according to plan. Not our plan, anyway!

First, the person who was due to chair the meeting was unwell and couldn’t get to church. We thought the wrong speaker had turned up (although this wasn’t so – thank you, Gemma Oliver!), the iPod with the music had lost all the tunes, and in general chaos was taking over the reins … But we  did, as the saying goes, ‘Keep calm, and carry on!’ We used the facilities we had, and the service turned out fine, although not quite what we were expecting.

It was a learning day. We can ad lib, and it does work. Laughter is good medicine, and does raise people’s spirits, openness and honestly will bring you closer to others. Patience is a virtue. Trust.

Thank you to all those who attended our service this morning, and for bearing with us while we got things going.

Another great Alternative Wednesday at Havant SC. This evening we welcomed Terri Stromeyer (@TerriStromeyer) to lead the proceedings. She started with a thought provoking session with plenty of questions from the audience.

After a break for refreshments she demonstrated her mediumship with some great evidence, that really struck home with the recipients.

Thanks for a great evening Terri. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Check our web page for details of visiting speakers and our next Alternative Wednesday.

Our Alternative Wednesdays continue on 6 May, with guest speaker, Jackie Chapman.clip_image002

So that we can fit it all in we start at 7.15 pm with a philosophical discussion; a chance for you to ask questions and get from the evening what you want. After a break for refreshments, we continue with a demonstration of mediumship. Of course, every evening is an experiment, and particular results cannot be guaranteed. But you know that, anyway.

£2 gets you through the door, and a cuppa and biscuit at half time. Come along, join in. Bring an open mind and a friend.

Check out our web site for the current speakers list.


Today was the first day of the rest of … well, sort of. We road tested our new Sunday Morning Service.

clip_image002Einstein is reported to have said, if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result. Well we didn’t like the result we were getting, so we changed it. We re-thought our Sunday morning service; modernised it, we think. It is a lighter service, a shift closer to Spiritualist ideals and thoughts.

Since Spiritualism’s beginnings in the late 1800s there has been, for many, a tendency to cling to the style and format that the Victorians knew and were comfortable with. Well, today Havant Spiritualists embraced the 21st century; a modern service for a modern religion.

If you want to find out what our new Sunday morning service is like, come along on 7 June at 11 a.m. We’d love to see you.